Predator Limited P3 Rosewood Mr 626 Pool Cue with extension - Leather Lux Wrap (Butt Only)

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Predator Limited P3 Rosewood mr 626 Pool Cue - Leather Luxe Wrap BUTT ONLY W/Extension


For 65 years Willie Mosconi held the longstanding straight pool record of 526. Equipped with a P3 and Revo shaft in hand, pro pool player John Schmidt set a goal to beat the record. He didn’t just meet his goal; he beat that record by an additional hundred. The P3 Mr. 626 cue series is dedicated to Schmidt’s outstanding dedication to meeting his personal goals, beating a decades-long record, and inspiring all pool players to challenge themselves to go above and beyond. Featuring beautiful Rosewood, an additional 8 inch butt extension, and paired with our REVO® carbon fiber composite shaft, the P3 Mr. 626 captures the power of record-shattering performance with the natural look of humble dedication. Discover what legends are made from, and experience the glory of surpassing your goals